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Skopos has its own market research publishing unit for the industry, One popular service is the "#MRX Monthly" publication, covering all the latest and most modern MR stories and news. The latest edition of #MRX Monthly can be viewed below - and to subscribe for free, please scroll down.

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Skopos continues to pioneer new methods and thinking, and to conduct 'research on research' to ensure the best quality. In this section below you can find all our latest news stories and reports.

  • Fellowship Trilogy for Skopos London Founder

    They say things comes in threes…   Founder of Skopos London, Darren Mark Noyce, has been awarded a Fellowship at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), to accompany previous similar awards from the Market Research Society (MRS) and Royal Statistical Society (RSS). The most recent award honours over 25 years of.

    Author Darren Mark Noyce
    July 06 2015
  • Skopos Celebrates 20 years

    Senior team attended MRS Excellence awards in June 2015 to enjoy and celebrate their 20 years of imaginative insight.

    Author Darren Mark Noyce
    June 18 2015
  • Skopos launches its unique Mobile App Optimisation service

    Car Firm Daimler amongst first to make use of Skopos ApptOskope™.

    Author Admin
    November 28 2012
  • QR Codes: Quite Rubbish? !

    Skopos European Study Finds that QR codes ONLY work if they are understood, are simple/reliable to use and have a positive outcome…

    Author Admin
    May 08 2012
  • Skopos Announce The Launch of Skopos MTrack™, TabTrack™ & ChatTrack™

    Skopos Announce The Launch of Skopos MTrack™, TabTrack™ & ChatTrack™ to Measure and Track The Commercial and Collective Impact of Mobile, Tablet and Social Network Channels…

    Author Admin
    January 20 2011
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