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Skopos : Innovating Insight Since 1995…

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    Once upon a time…

    From our early beginnings we have always combined the best in technology and science, digital and psychology. Our hubs in London and Cologne are both known for not only their Creativity and the Arts but their Commercial hives too.

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    Online, from The Start

    We simply knew the internet was the start of something big, so it was integral to our way of working from Day 1.

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    Panels, Communities & Mobile

    With our connection to we delivered Europe’s first multi-country online access panel back in the 90’s. We built Europe’s first MROC or online community for BusinessWeek in the same period and trialled SMS surveys with UK mobile network One2One (later T-Mobile) at the same time.

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    Adapting to the World, RFH+

    Recent world events have driven down in-person, but shown the strengths of remote methods, including our own adaptable service Research From Home (RFH+).

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    Our Latest Start-studded Suite

    We pride ourselves on our committed people, and commercial nouse, but be assured we are able to add and implement any and all of our Star-studded Skopos Services.

Insight Innovation Videos

For more videos, please see The Skopos Video Vault.

Skopos/MRS Mobile Insights Conference (2011)

Skopos/Skype Internet Talking Study (2008)

Skopos/Royal Mail Project Helix (2008+)

Skopos RealityResearch (2003)

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