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Skopos has its own market research publishing unit for the industry, One popular service is the "#MRX Monthly" publication, covering all the latest and most modern MR stories and news. The latest edition of #MRX Monthly can be viewed below - and to subscribe for free, please scroll down.

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Skopos continues to pioneer new methods and thinking, and to conduct 'research on research' to ensure the best quality. In this section below you can find all our latest news stories and reports.

  • Strategic Investment in UK tech firm HearMe Scientific by Market Researcher Skopos; Joint Venture being readied for Digital Engagement, Analytics, Apps & Platforms

    HearMe Scientific Ltd. (HMSL) today announces a sizeable investment from and commercial partnership with market research consultancy Skopos MI&C Ltd. (a leading provider of Digital Market Research solutions to the World’s major brands). HMSL is the UK Science and Technology firm, founded in 2016 by Andrew Sheldon, previously a Mayor.

    Author Darren Mark Noyce
    October 02 2019
  • Skopos Growth Continues with New Specialist Service Units And Expanded International Offices

    After more than 2 decades of operation (founded 1995), SKOPOS continues to see an accelerating volume of international and multi-country market research work. This growth is being driven by the senior leadership team and staff of over 120 internationally; plus the organic success of specialist service units that include custom.

    Author Darren Mark Noyce
    September 25 2019
  • Masses to reject Mobile Payments this Christmas

    From the latest Sept 2015 wave of Skopos MTrack™, we can report that a very large majority (82%) of the UK adult population (18+) are not intending to pay for their Christmas gift haul via a mobile or watch (e.g. via Apple/Samsung Pay or similar). The key explanation is simple.

    Author Admin
    October 13 2015
  • Skopos London launches range of helpful Client Pocket Guides

    Skopos London launches range of helpful Client Pocket Guides. Skopos loves to help Big Brands. As a sign of this intent the team at Skopos has created a range of FREE pocket guides for brands. To request any or all of these FREE guides, just contact Skopos, or go to

    Author Darren Mark Noyce
    September 21 2015
  • Great South ! Skopians to run in aid of MRBA & MIND On the 25th October, at the end of MRBA Week, several Skopians will run the Great South Run 2015 in aid of the Market Research Benevolent Association (MRBA) and MIND charities. Some are repeat offenders, others newbies. Some are nimble, some are feeble. The team is in hot weather.

    Author Darren Mark Noyce
    August 03 2015
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    For live news, updates, new events, new posts and commentary you can follow us on Twitter @skoposlondon or @darrenmarknoyce. To get involved in discussions add #skopos to your tweets. Scroll down for some of our greatest inspiration from the likes of Einstein and Asimov.

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    Enhancing Customer Experience through Insight

    How the customer experience (and the associated commercials) can be optimised through the application of directional, actionable, feedback activity.


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