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Service delivery – our core expertise

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    Award winning insight consultancy

    At Skopos , we are dedicated to our clients’ growth. Our qualitative and quantitative research skills deliver sharper business insights, smarter brand ideas and unlock stronger commercial results.

  • Leaders in customer experience optimisation

    Gaining customer feedback is fundamental to better understanding changing consumer expectations, attitudes and behaviours – and to continually enhancing the brand touchpoint experience.

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    Gold standard for panels & communities

    Skopos are at the forefront in the development, set-up and management of community panels – often on a multi-country basis. All of our digital tools are device agnostic – and highly ‘social’ in design.

  • Firestarters in data visualisation, storytelling & activation

    In our experience, impactful insight programmes should ‘start fires’ within a business – driving meaningful action. Skopos are master storytellers, able to communicate outputs in a visually engaging, commercially savvy, fashion.

  • Pioneers in digital MR innovation

    We are constantly exploring creative, new world, MR solutions to bring research ‘alive’ – enriching the experience for customers and client stakeholders alike. 360 video, VR and chatbots are all illustrative examples of recently employed cutting-edge technologies.

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