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Insight Communities

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When communities work best

Insight communities are the ideal way to get closer to your (customer) audience – gaining a far richer understanding of their behaviours, experiences and opinions.

There are many practical applications. Foremost amongst these are: VoC feedback programmes; consumer journey mapping; concept innovation screening; advertising effectiveness activity; etc.

Understanding the challenges

In our experience of community management, the first main challenge lies in the maintenance of high levels of long-term engagement. Failure to fully engage with participants results in ‘churn’ which is a factor of the…

– Degree of interest within the topic area.
– Extent of the interaction with the community.
– Perceptions of whether their feedback is truly valued and acted upon.
– Nature of the surveys/discussions (quality, length, look & feel, frequency, etc.)
– Community proposition/branding.

The second challenge is closely related to the internal (business) engagement consideration. We must ensure that the resource (financial, time & head-space) invested – in programme set-up and management – is fully leveraged.

Unless we can guarantee that the output and insights achieved are felt to exceed in value the setup and maintenance costs, we will never succeed in reassuring the business that they have a valuable resource (which delivers clear ROI)!

Enriching the participant experience

Creating true participant engagement is centred upon communicating that…

– Their voice has been heard.
– Their feedback is valued.
– They are, indeed, agents of change.

In practical terms, based on our considerable experience, this translates into:

– Paying attention to the quality & mix of activity being fielded.
– Implementing rules around project contact rates and activity length.
– Creating a feedback plan and follow through.

AND doing all of the above in the most visual and interactive fashion possible.


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