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Communication with Agencies

Healthy win-win relationships

Don’t be coy about sharing critical information – after all a problem shared is a problem halved!

The more transparent you can be with your agency the more they can do to work around foreseeable problems. So if your budget is restricted or the timing of delivering results are impossible to move then let your agency know.

Equally, if you have to manage difficult personalities as part of the project or have to work around restrictive processes share this with your agency – you never know they might be able to provide a more workable solution to help you. The mutual aim should always be trust and healthy long-term win-win relationships.

Spell it out

Layout what the project success and failure looks like. Paint a picture for your agency and let them work out how they can make it happen. Talk about what you consider a brilliant project looks like and how it makes you feel. Share experiences where agencies have delivered above and beyond expectation and where agencies have fallen short.

Decision making

Share the decision making criteria for proposals. Your agencies are a competitive bunch but they need to know what game is being played if they are to have a chance at winning your preference. So let your agencies know how you are going to be judging them against each other.

The more open you are to sharing this, the more likely you well get back lots of good quality responses. Be honest about the strategic importance of the project and the value you will place on service, innovation etc.

Time to think

Give yourself and your agencies time to think, not just do. We all get swept up in doing tasks and our ‘to do’ lists are forever growing. We spend a lot of time going through the motions of a task so we can tick it off and move on to the next one.

When we are under the pump it is too hard for our brains to solve problems or think creatively. So, give your brain time to mull over a situation rather than expect it to come up with the best answer instantly.

Go for a walk, or even better let yourself think about it overnight. And give your agencies the space to do the same.


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