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The Why

Sony wished to gain user feedback across all of its primary digital properties – to better understand the customer experience and identify possible areas of optimisation. Due to the rise in mobile-device usage and console access, these channels needed to be incorporated to provide a holistic digital view.

The How

A global study was conducted (in local language) – employing a consistent, master, survey with focused regional/channel specific questioning – as required. This was broadcast across the relevant customer devices (including Sony apps, gaming consoles, connected TVs; etc.).

The What Now

Sony were able to gain insight into user behaviour (across device types), as well as identify gross positives and negatives (in relation to the service proposition). The outputs – driven by the universal KPIs – meant solid, actionable, decisions (based on the comparable nature of the feedback data) could be made, with best-practice identified, praised and replicated. Remedial action was able to be taken where required (on a prioritised basis).

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