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The Why

Skopos London set-up the original Yahoo! panel in 2005 – to profile and understand their unique audience across the site estate, as well as evaluate ad campaign cut-through. Over subsequent years, the community grew to 40,000+ members (from 10,000 initially) – spanning UK, Germany & Spain.

The How

The primary function of the Yahoo! panel was to provide post campaign feedback for on-site advertisers. This campaign feedback vehicle formed part of the ad sales package. Additionally, this research platform was employed across a range of ad-hoc ‘deep-dive vertical’ studies (to better understand both site content and the audience base).

The What Now

Through this research programme (which incorporated campaign benchmarking, UX optimisation and eye-tracking), Yahoo! were able to enhance their on-going knowledge of the audience base, as well as tailor future ad executions and site content to fit with user expectations and needs.

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