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The Why

As a business, Skyscanner is fundamentally a ‘hosting’ site for all of the major airlines. Given the business model, there was a lack of true customer understanding – as site visitors end their digital journey elsewhere. To ensure Skyscanner was servicing their site/app users appropriately (ultimately meeting customer need), primary research was required.

The How

Skopos London were charged with designing and implementing a quantitative pop-under ‘intercept’ survey, hosted via the Skyscanner site/app – that ‘intercepted’ visitors upon completion of their Skyscanner visit. This enabled Skyscanner to collect attitudinal and behavioural customer/prospect feedback, as well as identify potential gaps/flaws in the offering.

The What Now

This approach allowed Skyscanner to see, in real time, how well they were meeting customer need(s), as well as identified areas for optimisation – from both a functionality and design perspective. This customer feedback vehicle also provided an immediate link to the CRM team – who could seamlessly action any issues their visitors encountered.

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