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The Why

To understand, amongst 16-25 year olds (across subsets of Natwest customers & non-customers) levels of cut through of a digital campaign (incorporating mobile & social components), as well as pick-up on the key communication messages and impact upon behaviour (influence of the ‘call-to-action’).

The How

An online survey was conducted (with Natwest customers & non-customers recruited from our Opinion People panel) to ascertain resonance of the NatWest brand, awareness and impact of the digital campaign (in a competitor context), and likelihood of consumer switching – at a product level. The results being analysed at an overall, as well as at a specific channel (mobile, tablet, social, etc.) level.

The What Now

The outputs were utilised to refine and shape the content and structure of future advertising campaigns, as well as offer insight into perceptions of the NatWest brand – particularly for this younger consumer audience.

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