Barnet Borough Council

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The Why

An audit had been critical of Barnet Borough Council for its lack of focus, vision and ambition, as well as its unsustainable budget.

The challenge was clear – money had to be saved, whilst at the same time performance improved.

The How

The senior management team saw the solution to this challenge being focussed upon empowering their people. They actively encouraged their employees to take ownership of their jobs and roles – especially their third tier managers.

Skopos London (via on-site focus groups & a quantitative online engagement study) was able to identify and direct specific ‘empowerment initiatives’, as well as highlight appropriate, motivating, employee rewards.

The What Now

Barnet Borough Council have been able to create an environment where innovation and taking responsibility is encouraged. This has cascaded down and caused a cultural transformation within the organisation. Barnet Borough Council is now rated as ‘excellent’ across both the use of resource and performance measures.

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