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The Why

Barclays have developed a variety of bank accounts over the years: young people’s, students’ and graduates’ current accounts, as well as savings accounts, ISAs, regular investments and mortgages. Over a series of projects, Barclays wanted to explore the appeal of these accounts, how they were being used, the ideal communications for those accounts, as well as to test some potential incentives.

The How

Employing a range of predominantly qualitative approaches, we have worked with young people and those who advise, guide and (hopefully) influence them (including parents, teachers, financial advisers and bank staff), product developers and communication experts within Barclays – to gain a clearer view of attitudinal reaction to specific products and services, as well as motivators and barriers to take-up.

The What Now

Barclays utilised the findings and learnings to optimise the product range, its communications (methods, messages & channels), and to re-focus a considerable amount of its staff training.

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