The University of Law

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The Why

As part of the strategy to increase course appeal and ultimately take-up, The College of Law (now The University of Law) was keen to get a more in-depth understanding of the motivations & barriers to enrolment, as well as the associated hierarchies of importance.

The How

Via a bespoke online survey (fully mobile-device optimised), Skopos London was able to target sixth form students, undergraduates and postgraduates (with quotas applied to enable targeting of those ‘actively’ seeking to enrol on a law course in the next 12 months; as well as ‘non-rejectors’ of law course enrolment).

The What Now

The project delivered the ‘hard numbers’ against which course enrolment motivations & barriers could be quantified, enabling The College of Law to optimise their cross-channel (digital & non-digital) marcomms activity (mix, content, tone of voice, etc); as well as direct their activity in relation to higher-level organisational partnerships and affiliations.

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